Earth Girl

Earth Girl - Janet  Edwards It was a little hard to get into this book, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I found the premises really interesting and quite different from what I read so far. The world building was equally "zan". What I did not love was how incredibly flawed was Jarra. Yes, flawed, despite the fact that she was "amaz" at EVERYTHING.At times she was nice to read about, and I could sympathize with her, but her constant use of the word "ape" really made me cringe. The book would have been so much more enjoyable without that word screaming once every few pages. I found the use this term completely unnecessary. The opposition handicapped-norm provided plenty of conflict. And it was saddening enough. It would have also been more realistic if the off-world people looked down on those with immunity deficiency because they were stuck on Earth and they could never leave it and experience the colonies and the rest of the Universe like they did, instead of despising them and just saying they were neanderthals and they smelled and they were dumb apes. Seriously, this part did not make any sense to me and I felt that this was used just to force drama which was not even that obvious except in Jarra's head. Almost everything happens through her head and it's not really a reliable head, is it? The way she saw the world in black and white was at time really frustrating. And she was pretty hypocritical because she was constantly judging the "exos" too. Character development also lost a lot of territory to world-building. The description was great, but the characters were too neglected. Fian was made out as such a pansy, which is really unappealing. Then Jarra never apologizes to the rest of the people for lying to them so blatantly. She deals with the loss of her parents and her entire abandonment issues so quickly. She loses for mind for a few weeks, then she snaps out of it and she's just suddenly cured? Also, she doesn't seemed to have matured by the end of the book. She is Earth Girl extraordinaire talked about in the "newzzies" and nobody hold her lies against her. Not one soul. But, at the same time, she is to bothered glowing from all the attention to be bothered to do anything redeemable. Maybe all off the negative aspects occurred just because the author took a much bigger bite than she could handle with the hole after Exodus universe and she just needed more pages to fill in the gaps. Overall, I did enjoy it and maybe I would even recommend it.