The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

The Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) - Kody Keplinger I picked this up thanks to some glowing reviews by a few of my favorite booktoobers and I'm happy I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it, great great read, but I did I have quite a few rolling-out-my-eyes moments. Even tough I could empathize with her because of the self-esteem issues and the family problems, I could not connect with her all the way. I did not agree with her decisions and I found myself many times wanting to slap her. Her constant denial and running away from her problems really frustrated me. Her toughness is just an appearance and, despite the fact that everything was nicely wrapped-up in a happy ending, nothing was really solved. Actually, if I think about this book objectively, I would definitely give it a lower rating (those characters don't need a happy ending, they need years and years of intensive therapy, that's what they need!). But I won't do that, because it was so charmingly written and I loved all the characters so much that I'm just going to let that go. It's fiction. And I going to avoid picking it apart just because I had so much fun reading it.